Image: Vernez

Image: Vernez

Imagine if there was just one app that acted as a platform for fashion inspiration, social networking, styling and shopping all in one place…

Well, that big shoppable void, left by Instagram and Pinterest has finally been filled by Vernez. It is more accessible than the snazzy Net Set but the only problem so far is that’s it’s not yet available on Android. Keep an eye out for when it is!

Vernez is a social networking app that is optimised for the fashion industry. The user essentially edits their own fashion magazine and empowers readers to express their own taste and style.

When the founder, Moyang, was asked if Vernez was life-changing, she said “Yes!!!”, and honestly, I think that in times of need when you need inspiration for an outfit or have an incredible piece you don’t know how to style, Vernez will be there. The fact you can follow other users as well as individual garments themselves means your style needs will be met!

Congratulations to the Vernez team, on a year of solid hard work with something great to show at the end of it.

You can download the app from iTunes now.


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